Undergraduate Programmes

Accountancy - Bachelor (Hons)
Accountancy - Diploma
Accessories Design - Bachelor (Hons)
Aircraft Maintenance Technology- Diploma
Aviation Management and Piloting - Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Beauty Management - Diploma
Beauty and Hair Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Bioinformatics - Bachelor (Hons)
Biomedical Science - Bachelor (Hons)
Business - Foundation
Business Computing - Bachelor (Hons)
Business Computing - Diploma

Cardiovascular Technology - Bachelor (Hons)
Communication Design and Marketing - Bachelor (Hons)
Computer Engineering - Bachelor (Hons)
Computer Engineering - Diploma
Computer Forensic - Bachelor (Hons)
Computer Forensic - Diploma
Computer Science - Bachelor (Hons)
Counselling and Guidance - Bachelor (Hons)
Counselling and Guidance - Diploma
Creative Multimedia - Bachelor (Hons)
Creative Video and Photography - Bachelor (Hons)
Creative Visual - Diploma
Culinary Arts - Bachelor (Hons)
Culinary Arts - Diploma

Early Childhood Education - Bachelor (Hons)
Early Childhood Education (PJJ) - Bachelor (Hons)
Early Childhood Education - Diploma
Education (TESL) - Bachelor (Hons)
Education (TESL) - Diploma
Education (Visual Arts) - Bachelor (Hons)
Education (Science) - Bachelor (Hons)
Education (Physical Education and Health) - Bachelor (Hons)
Education (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) - Bachelor (Hons)
Electrical & Electronics Engineering - Diploma
Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic) - Bachelor (Hons)
Engineering and Technology - Foundation
Entrepreneurship - Bachelor
Entrepreneurship - Diploma
Event Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Event Management - Diploma

Fashion Design with Marketing - Bachelor (Hons)
Fashion Design - Diploma
Finance - Bachelor (Hons)
Food Service Technology - Bachelor (Hons)
Forensic Science - Bachelor (Hons)

Games Design and Animation - Diploma
Games Design and Animation - Bachelor (Hons)
Graphic Design - Bachelor (Hons)
Graphic Design - Diploma

Hair Design- Diploma
Health Science Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Hospitality and Tourism Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Hospitality and Tourism Management - Diploma
Human Capital Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Human Capital Management - Diploma

Industrial Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Information and Communication Technology - Bachelor (Hons)
Information Management - Diploma
Information System Auditing - Bachelor (Hons)
Information Technology - Diploma
Information Technology - Foundation
Information Technology (Mobile and Wireless Technology) - Bachelor (Hons)
Information Technology (Mobile and Wireless Technology) - Diploma
Instructional Multimedia - Bachelor (Hons)
International Business - Bachelor (Hons)
Interior Design - Diploma
Investment Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Investment Management - Diploma
Islamic Banking - Diploma
Islamic Finance - Diploma
Islamic Management - Bachelor (Hons)

Law - Foundation
Law and Commerce - Bachelor (Hons)
Leisure Outdoor and Adventure Management - Diploma
Logistics Management - Diploma

Management - Diploma
Marketing with Psychology - Bachelor (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering - Diploma
Mechanical Engineering (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) - Diploma
Mechanical Engineering (Highrise Building Maintenance) - Diploma
Medical Assistant - Diploma
Medical Laboratory Technology - Diploma
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), India - Bachelor (Hons)
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Shah Alam - Bachelor (Hons)
Medical Sciences - Bachelor (Hons)
Medical Sciences - Diploma
Multimedia - Diploma
Music Technology - Bachelor (Hons)
Music Technology - Diploma
Music (Composition and Arranging) - Bachelor (Honours)
Music Performance - Bachelor (Honours)

New Media - Bachelor (Hons)
Nursing - Diploma
Nursing - Bachelor (Hons)
Nutrition - Bachelor (Hons)

Occupational Safety and Health - Diploma
Office Management Technology - Diploma
Ophthalmic Dispensing - Diploma
Optometry - Bachelor (Hons)
Outdoor, Leisure and Adventure Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Outdoor, Leisure and Adventure Management - Diploma

Patisserie Arts - Bachelor (Hons)
Pattiserrie Arts - Diploma
Pharmaceuticals Technology - Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Pharmacy - Bachelor (Hons)
Pharmacy - Diploma
Physiotherapy - Diploma
Product Design - Bachelor (Hons)
Psychology - Bachelor (Hons)
Public Relations Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Public Relations and Entertainment Management - Diploma

Radiotherapy - Diploma
Retail Management - Bachelor (Hons)
Retail Management - Diploma

Science (Media Sciences) - Bachelor (Hons)
Science (Mechanical Engineering) - Bachelor (Hons)
Science Biology / Health Science - Foundation
SPA Management - Bachelor (Hons)
SPA Management - Diploma
Sport Science - Diploma

TESL - Foundation
Technology (Electrical & Electronics) - Bachelor (Hons)
Traditional Chinese Medicine - Bachelor (Hons)
Traditional Chinese Medicine - Diploma

Visual Communication and Marketing - Bachelor (Hons)
Visual Arts - Foundation