MSU Eye Centre

Services Available

  1. Comprehensive Eye Examination
    Our duty to ensure periodic eye and vision check that provides comprehensive care on refractive status, ocular health and general quality of life of patients.

  2. Binocular Vision & Orthoptic Clinic
    Assessment of the function and teaming of both eyes and theraphy to those patients with binocular vision abnormalities.

  3. Contact Lens Clinic
    We offer a wide range of contact lens both for refractive correction,cosmetic. Special contact lens care for keratoconus & aphakia as well as prosthetic contact lens is also available.

  4. Children’s Clinic
    Eye examination for children from infants to 12 years for vision and ocular health check available in a friendly and good environment.

  5. Geriatric Clinic
    We offer a wider and more personal eye examination to the elderly. Not only the selection of frame and lenses but the external & internal eye exam management.

  6. Advanced Diagnostic Clinic
    Advance clinical assessment with cutting-edge technology for details eye examination. Patients may be referred into this clinic from other clinics or professional inside and outside University.

  7. Low Vision Clinic
    Clinic to help low vision patients to improve quality of life & everyday task. Prescribing low vision aid and training of instrument usage.

  8. Dispensing
    MSU Eye Centre provides an impressive collection of the latest spectacle frames and a wide range of opthalmic lens that meeting every customers need.
MSU Eye Centre Team
Resident Optometrists:
  1. Mohd Ferdaus Bin Sari
  2. Azarina Binti Abdullah
Visiting Ophthalmologist (by appointment) on Monday, 10.00am-1.00pm

Contact Us
Please call MSU Eye Centre to make an appointment in any of our clinics or for more information on the services provided.
Tel: 03-5521 6598

Opening Hours
Monday until Friday | 9.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday (by appointment)