Diploma in Logistics Management

Course Title: Logistics Management, Diploma
Course Code: DLG

What the course will give you
Logistics is a popular qualification sought by aspiring business professionals as it keeps supply chain moving and you employed. The Diploma in Logistics Management (DLG) programme at Management & Science University (MSU) will develop your business skills in managing the activities and information flow between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, service providers, and consumers.

You will be trained in the principles of marketing, business communication, management practices, and customer service, among others. Designed with industry professionals of logistics and supply chain management, the MSU Diploma in Logistics Management (DLG) programme will equip you well for a career in logistics management.

How long it will take you
2 1/2 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
You may find work in supply chain, transportation, distribution, and facilities planning or management. Diploma-holder positions may include Material Handler, Transportation Co-Ordinator, and Assistant Planner.       
Who may enrol
You need THREE (3) Credits at SPM-level OR THREE (3) Cs at O-level OR a Level-3 KKM Certificate OR any qualification deemed equivalent by MSU Senate.

Diploma in Logistic Management (DLG) is offered by the Department of Business Management and Law at the Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP) of Management & Science University (MSU).

KPT Reference
KPT/ JPS (N/345/4/0870) 10/20

[Updated 13.09.2016]

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