Bachelor in Food Service Technology (Hons)
About The Course
The MSU honours degree programme in food service technology prepares you for successful operation of the food business. You will be exposed to monitoring techniques and effective approaches to running a food services business. You will learn food microbiology, processing and preservation, nutrition, also quality control and assurance. You will train in purchasing and menu planning, also strategic service management and restaurant management. Your lecturers are industry professionals, and the learning opportunities and experiences we provide you will add depth and breadth to your understanding and develop both your vocational and life skills. An internship at the end of your studies ensures you graduate industry-ready for a career in food service technology.
You need a Credit in Bahasa Melayu and a Pass in General/Additional Science or Biology/Chemistry/Physics at SPM level and at least 2.00 CGPA or TWO (2) C’s including in Pengajian Am / Kertas Am (General Studies / General Paper) at STPM level; OR a Pass at MSU Foundation level; OR at least 2.0 CGPA at MSU Diploma level; OR a Pass in at least THREE (3) subjects at A-level; OR an equivalent qualification recognized by MSU Senate. 
Bachelor (Hons) in Food Service Technology (BFST) is a three-year career-focused industry-developed programme of MSU’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS). 
Year One
  • Microbiology
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Service Information System
Year Two
  • Purchasing and Menu Planning
  • Food Quality Control and Assurance
  • Food Service Layout and Design
  • Food Processing and Preservation
Year Three
  • Food Service Management
  • Ethics in Food Industry
  • Industrial Training
  • Food Manufacturing Officer
  • Food Technologist
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Product Development Manager
KPT/JPS ( R2/811/6/0035 ) 06/22
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Bachelor in Food Service Technology provides a pathway to postgraduate programmes including the Master in Science (Food Technology) and the Master of Science (Applied Science) offered by MSU's School of Graduate Studies. 
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Duration of Study
3 years
Credit Hours