Diploma in Physiotherapy
About The Course
Physiotherapy or physical therapy is the treatment of disease or injury by physical means such as exercise therapy, mobilization, or movement. A physiotherapist’s work involves the rehabilitation of patients across ages and conditions such as orthopedic, sports injury, chronic or neurological diseases. MSU's Diploma in Physiotherapy programme will equip you with core knowledge in areas such as human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and pathology. The curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure students become competent and inventive practitioners later in their career. This programme is delivered through innovative, 21st century teaching techniques, which will engage you in collaborative, highly focused assessments and projects to give you a solid foundation for a career in physiotherapy.
Programme Structure Contents
You need to have passed SPM or equivalent with at least FIVE (5) Credits including THREE (3) from Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, ONE (1) from a Science subject (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, or Applied Science), and ONE (1) from any other subject; OR to have passed GCE O-level or equivalent with at least FIVE (5) Cs including TWO (2) from English and Mathematics, ONE (1) from a Science subject (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, or Applied Science), and TWO (2) from other subjects.
Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPY) is a three-year career-focused industry-developed programme by the Department of Healthcare Professional (DHP) at the MSU Faculty of Health & Life Sciences (FHLS). 
  • Assistant Physiotherapist
  • Sports Therapist
KPT/JPS(N/726/4/0283) 04/21
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Year One
  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiotherapeutic Skills
  • General Pathology
  • Clinical Placement I
Year Two
  • Physiotherapy in Respiratory
  • Physiotherapy in Acute Care
  • Physiotherapy in Special Clients – Pediatrics
  • Clinical Placement II
Year Three
  • Physiotherapy in Special Clients – Geriatric
  • Physiotherapy in Special Clients – Women’s Health
  • Clinical Placement III, IV, V and VI
Diploma in Physiotherapy will assist you in your transition to university or employment and may give you guaranteed entry into healthcare related bachelor programmes at Management and Science University. 
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Duration of Study
3 years
Credit Hours