Foundation (Science Biology/Health Science)

Course Title: Biological Science/ Health Science, Foundation
Course Code: FMS   

What the course will give you
The MSU foundation programme in biological science / health science will equip you with technological, community, and humanity skills alongside knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and genetics. MSU’s global vision also allows you the opportunity to participate in its International Students Exchange Programme (ISEP).

You train in the University’s excellent main-campus facilities, and your lecturers are subject experts who keep abreast with the latest discoveries in biology and health. The learning opportunities and experiences we provide will add depth and breadth to your understanding and develop both your vocational and life skills. You graduate with a host of practical, social, managerial, even entrepreneurial skills alongside core scientific skills.

How long it will take you
1 year

Where the qualification may lead you to
You may go on to study medical science, biomedicine, bioinformatics, pharmacy, or food service technology, among many other relevant programmes of study.

Who may enrol
If you have set your sights on studying medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry:
You need at least FOUR (4) B’s from among Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or a technical subject, at SPM/SPMV level.

If you are keen on programmes other than medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry:
You need at least FIVE (5) Credits to include Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, and Science, along with TWO (2) relevant subjects such as Chemistry and Biology, at SPM/SPMV level;

You need also a Pass in English Language.

Foundation in Biological Science / Health Science (FMS) is a one-year intensive preparatory programme by MSU’s Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS).

KPT Reference
KPT/ JPS (R/010/3/0093) 08/18  

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