Bachelor in Communication Design and Marketing (Hons)

The Bachelor in Communication Design and Marketing (Hons) (BCDM) is an undergraduate academic program that specialises in the design of communication and marketing communication. The main purpose of this course is to produce design entrepreneur or intrapreneur. This course is a combination between the design and marketing aspects. This course gives a chance for students to gain proficiency in industry current technology, and specialties such as digital photography, digital media production, and strategic marketing that can be valuable in marketplace. Communication design is a sub-discipline of design which is concerned with how media intermission such as printed, crafted, electronic media or presentations communicates with people. A communication design approach is more concerned with messages communicated rather than aesthetics in media. Examples of Communication Design include information architecture, editing, typography, illustration and professional writing skills applied to creative industries. This undergraduate program focuses on the process of creating and reproducing visual message. This is consistent with the evolution of design and business industry.

The BCDM is conducted over the period of three-years on a semester basis (six long and three short semesters), where students will major in communication design and marketing communication field with the intellectual skills and industry experience of communication design and marketing area, thus producing competitive and confident graduates. This hybrid program with the blend of multimedia, graphic design and business can add up the value of a bachelor degree not just to help students advance in their career but also to help them increase their knowledge and the scope of their skills. Using the above skills graduates can set up their own business that is related to communication design field.

Academic Requirement
Total Credit:
Compulsory/Core: 120
Elective: None

Course Duration
Total Semester: 3 Full Semesters and 3 Short Semesters
Duration: 3 Years

Major Intake: March, May, November

Core Subject Description

    Principles of Marketing
    The purpose of this course is to introduce marketing principles and concepts. Both theory and practical application will be addressed.

    Creative Photography
    This course provides students with a broad base of theory and practice from which to develop student creative approach to the craft of photography.

    Graphic Visualisation
    In this subject, students will do research on different types of graphic visualization and illustrations and also their techniques in order to train students in developing drawing skills, design a certain graphic product in preparation of making storyboard or sketching and designing a poster.

    Communication Theory
    This course provides a current and comprehensive discussion of influential theories in communication.

    Visual Communication
    This subject teaches students to look beyond aesthetic concerns and develop an integrated, multi-dimensional understanding of visual communication design.

    Illustration Methods
    This course provides a deeper understanding of the illustration. Assigned projects will expose students to advertising, editorial, and other modes of illustration for a variety of printed media.

    Graphic Layout
    In this course, students will learn about basic design principles of layout and typography.

    Computerised Graphics
    The course is designed for students learning the basics of computer graphics. This subject introduces students to essential software techniques in Illustrator, Photoshop, and other raster and vector programs.

    Publication Design
    Students will study the communication graphics with desktop publishing technology and application of design principles to newspapers, magazines, newsletters and miscellaneous publications.

    Business Statistics
    This introductory provides students with the scope and application of statistical analysis. Students will master problem solving using both manual computations and statistical software.

    Advertising and Promotion
    This course introduces students with recent environmental challenges and research. Students too will be able to evaluate an organization’s marketing and promotional situation, and to use the different elements of promotional mix to develop effective marketing communication strategies and programs.

    Marketing Management
    This course provides students with the most recent trends and developments in global marketing with an emphasis on the importance of teamwork between marketing and all the other functions of the business. It introduces new perspectives in successful strategic market planning, and presents additional company examples of creative, market-focused, and customer-driven action.

    Media Analysis
    This course provides an overview of the methods and tools used for media analysis. Both theoretical perspectives and practical methods will be covered.

    This course provides a working knowledge of all aspects of copywriting. It focuses on the structure and timing of advertising copywriting.

    New Product Development
    This course offers information on every stage of the product development process, from idea generation to delivery of the final product.

    This course explores key entrepreneurial concepts relevant to the high-technology world. It prepares the aspects of technical and business for careers focusing on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and high technology.

    Marketing Strategy
    The course is aimed at helping students who are looking at the entire marketing mix in the strategy of the firm. It is most helpful to students pursuing careers in which they need to look at the firm as a whole.

    Brand Identity Design
    This course provides the fundamentals and the big picture for students conducting research in brand identity.

    Consumer Behaviour
    This course guides students to the most important issues in consumer behaviour. It will also emphasize recent research on consumer processes and issues.

    Design Management
    This course deals with management methods in large organizations, design consulting firms, advertising agencies, and multimedia production companies.

    Interactive Multimedia
    This subject covers the technology and the tools and practices in interactive design; which includes the creation of site maps and flow charts; and the writing of design documents. Examples and case studies demonstrate the broad range of applications such as websites, CD-ROM games, and web commerce sites.

    Internet Marketing and E-Commerce
    This course gives students a solid understanding of the technology behind the Internet and of how technological change alters marketing strategies and tactics.

    Marketing Research
    This course introduces the concepts and applications of market research through the marketing management approach.

    Integrated Marketing Communication
    This subject helps students to understand the art and science of strategic decisions in marketing communications by showing students how to make strategic marketing communications decisions using a systems approach.

    Design Research
    This course introduces students to various research tools that can be used to form design as well as, to ideas on how and when to deploy them effectively.

    Visual Communication Project I
    This course is presented for study and explored through project of a problem-solving nature. Overview of the communication design field and professional working methods are introduced.

    Advertising Campaign
    This course aims to explore the creative and aesthetic aspects of advertising design, develop students' ability of generating creative ideas, visualize their concept, solve problems, and think strategically to enhance the power of marketing communication.

    Contemporary Issues in Communication and Marketing
    In this course, student will explore a range of current issues facing the visual and marketing communication industry especially in Malaysia from a theoretical and practical perspective.

    Visual Communication Project II
    This course combines all fields of study and completes study in the Communication Design and Marketing course. Students receive supervision and move through the final stage from dependence to self-directed. Final projects can take many forms from desktop publishing, website development, information design and marketing communication design.

Professional Recognition
Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA)


Career Opportunities
Once graduated, students can apply for a job in communication design field such as multimedia designers, digital imaging specialists, graphic designers, computer graphic artists, free-lancer designers, web designers, art directors and creative directors; or in marketing communication field such as product marketing managers, brand strategists, program marketing specialists, marketing research specialists, media planners, writers, marketing directors and specialists. Additionally, students can set up their own design companies that specialise in communication design or marketing. Communication design is a rapidly growing profession in the new media marketplace. Development of the new media, such as World Wide Web, interactive multimedia, e-commerce and computer animation offers a wide variety of opportunities for creative individuals to be trained effectively in communication design skills. This program also assists students in developing the creative, conceptual and technical skills necessary to meet the challenge of digital print, new media and marketing field.

The career of communication design and marketing communication are:
Advertising agencies
Design studios
Printing companies
In-house corporate communications departments

Expected Salary
Public Sector - Basic starting monthly salary is around RM1, 800; plus allowances (such as housing and entertainment) the total can amount to around RM2, 500.
Private Sector - The amount of basic starting monthly salary can vary from the above amount. However, the total amount of monthly salary earned (inclusive of allowances) is subject to negotiation and which can be higher than that earned in the public sector.

KPT Reference: KPT/ JPS (KA8683) 05/13

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