About MSU and GSM

Management and Science University (MSU) is a specialised university that undertakes as its primary raison de'etre the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The University traces its genesis through the evolution of a College 'collective' dedicated to the cause of education and known as the PTPL group. Through the consistent demonstration of prudent management and standards of academic excellence that have risen steadily over the course of more than 30 years, MSU now stands clear of the rest in offering you the preeminent choice for furthering your education and achieving your true potential.

MSU's forte lies in the provision of an outstanding instructional team and programmes designed for globalisation of 21st century education, knowledge and real learning, as well as offering a superlative platform for research. This is an appropriate and timely reflection of the nation's focus on industrial development, human capital enhancement and manpower needs.

The recognition of any academic institution of higher learning lies in the strength of its programmes and the quality of its faculty members. Whilst ensuring that its complement of academically qualified faculty members is met, MSU has further enhanced its brand image by nurturing particular institutional collaborations; in part facilitated by regular visits from members of our international team of adjunct professors. With a low student-faculty ratio, academic counselling and small classes, students have many opportunities to develop meaningful mentor-mentee relationships on campus with professors and other staff members.

Considerable attention is also paid to curriculum design, flexibility and the introduction of innovative and interesting learning methods. This holistic attention to detail ensures the development, nurture and support of critical, academically gifted and intellectually distinguished MSU graduates.

Among the specialised areas of study preferred by students are International Business, Strategic Management, Global Marketing, Project Management, Organisational Leadership and more.