Admissions for International Students

International students who wish to study MBA or any other programmes at MSU is required to obtain a valid student pass from the Immigration of Malaysia.

Requirements for Admission
  • Educational Background. Degree or equivalent Qualification as approved by the Senate of MSU.
  • Working Experience. Applicants with responsible managerial or professional work experience are preferred, although waivers will be given in exceptional circumstances for full-time students
  • Recommendations. Two written letters of recommendation must feature as part of your application submission attesting to your potential to complete an MBA programme successfully.
  • English Language Proficiency*. If your native language is not English, you must show evidence of your English language proficiency. A TOEFL score of 550 or higher, an IELTS score of 6.0, or any other equivalent qualification, as approved by the MSU Senate.
How to Apply:

Step 1: Please read the Application Procedures carefully, fill in the Application Form & two Reference Forms and send it back to us with all the supporting documents.

Download Application Form: PDF Format
Download Reference Form: PDF Format
Download Health Examination Report: PDF Format

Step 2: If you wish to accept the offer, please complete all the forms that we send to you and return it to us. The University will apply for the student pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department on your behalf. Approval letter issued by the Immigration Department will be send to student 4 to 6 weeks* from the date of submission to Immigration. International students MUST NOT enter Malaysia before receiving the “Letter of Approval for Foreign Student Studying in Malaysia”.

Step 3: Upon obtaining the approval, a Student Visa Approval Letter will be issued by the Immigration Office. You are required to obtain a single entry visa from the Embassy of Malaysia or the Malaysian High Commission in your home country (if applicable) before entering Malaysia. Please provide details of your arrival to us prior to your departure to Malaysia if you need a pick up service.

Step 4: Student arrives in Malaysia and report to MSU within 3 days of their arrival and hand in all the required documents to MSU.

All the above are subject to change without prior notice.