Master in Fashion Business

Course Title: Fashion Business, Master
Course Code: MFBS

What the course will give you
Fashion business master’s programme at MSU will provide you with an academic route to exploring the world of fashion buying, fashion merchandising, fashion forecasting, fashion management accounting and finance, and fashion strategic marketing. With its aim to hone acumen and advance knowledge through research and analysis, the MSU Master in Fashion Business (MID) programme will challenge you to develop your own original insights into the global fashion business.

How long it will take you
1 year

Where the qualification may lead you to
The business of fashion, worth billions, is one of the most dynamic sectors of business, and a master’s degree in fashion business can be your ticket to an exciting, high-flying career. You could be a Fashion Business Advisor, advising companies on business strategies or marketing techniques to brand-building and product distribution; a Creative Consultant, providing the creative direction for a fashion business; or a Vendor Analyst, helping fashion retailers stay competitive by choosing the best suppliers for the highest quality materials at the lowest costs. Other job titles for masters in fashion business may also include Fashion Editor and Visual Merchandiser.

Who may enrol
Prospective applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree (MQF Level 6) with at least 2.50 CGPA out of 4.00, or an equivalent qualification as accepted by MSU Senate; CGPAs below 2.50 out of 4.00 must be supported by at least five (5) years working experience in a relevant field. Any other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government may also be presented.

International students must score at least 6.00 in IELTS or equivalent, or 550 overall in TOEFL, or Credit in English 1119.

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[Published December 2017]