Master in International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Course Title: International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Master
Course Code: MIHT

What the course will give you
The highly competitive field of tourism and hospitality demands top work ethics from its professionals, and to reach the top requires a solid start. Management and Science University (MSU) is certified a Gold Award School of Hospitality and Tourism by the Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC), and is the first Malaysian International Centre of Excellence of the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management (APIEM). Its master’s programme in hospitality and tourism management is designed to equip you for international service and operation management in hospitality and tourism, tourism destination analysis, research in hospitality and tourism, global strategic marketing and management in hospitality and tourism, convention and exposition tourism, and financial analysis as well as organizational behavior management in hospitality and tourism.  

How long it will take you
1.5 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
Holiday counsellor, hotel and resort staff (resort manager, hotel accountant), and personal travel attendant (travel aide, travel security) are just some of your potential career areas besides food and beverage, entertainment, and events.

Who may enrol
Your required qualifications include a recognized Bachelor’s degree (MQF Level 6) with at least 2.50 CGPA or accepted as equivalent by MSU Senate; CGPAs below 2.50 may be supported by five (5) years working experience in related fields. International students should score at least 6.00 on IELTS or equivalent, or 550 on TOEFL, or a Credit in English 1119.

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[Published January 2018]