Colours to warm the heart

FISE students from the Department of Media Science and Graphic (MSG) show the colour of their heart at community engagement with urban poor residents in Lembah Subang 1

It is empowering to know that what you do transforms the lives of others, which is why community engagement can be such a rewarding cause. At Management and Science University (MSU), a culture of Giving and Grateful nurtures a dedication to social action. At a local community housing area for the urban poor, MSU students and staff from the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE) served up a little compassion in several colours.

Working in separate activity groups, the students drew and painted. Walls were given coats of paint and updated with murals. Creativity was let to flow with a drawing and painting workshop for kids. Donations of health equipment and hampers completed the day, which ended with a prettier, happier, more welcoming place for the residents to call home.

Management and Science University (MSU) takes the holistic route to delivering learning, and community engagement realizes its mission to produce well-rounded graduates. Not only is community engagement a platform for humanity to flourish, it also serves the higher purpose of propagating knowledge and skills practice. Its real-world atmosphere lays a conducive environment for hands-on learning, providing an incredible opportunity for students to experience and learn and enriching their transformative roles in the future.