Learning, The Global Way

Management and Science University (MSU) harnesses Global Mobility Program (GMP) to develop international perspectives and proficiencies in students.

There is knowledge beyond the walls of a classroom; on the street, in people, their habits, customs and cultures. Travel provides among the best education, and global mobility is important to developing perspectives and proficiencies on a world scale. Management and Science University (MSU) collaborates with Burapha University to facilitate student exchanges to and from Thailand through the MSU Global Mobility Program (GMP).

Studying in Burapha are Bachelor of Pharmacy students Dina Madihah Zaidi, Siti Aisyah Abd Rahman, Zainah Umairah Ahmad Zaki, Nur Amira Syafiqah Mohmad Aresad, Fairuzah Hanis Mohd Mydin and Aleysha G.Yunsir from the MSU School of Pharmacy, while two future pharmacists from Burapha’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences are hosted by the MSU School of Pharmacy (SPH).

Chayanee Namthae and Napachanok Wongsala are excited by their GMP experience in Malaysia, which immerses them in not only the academic life at MSU but also in the University’s active community engagement and industry visits. Their itinerary is filled up with as much activities organized by the Pharmacy Club and the Students and Career Development (SCD) Unit as by sightseeing around Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam.

For Napachanok, not only is this her first visit to Malaysia but also the opportunity and experience of GMP. She is learning a lot from her observations, especially marvelling at how MSUrians seem to balance their social and academic lives despite the long hours spent in lectures and labs.

Chayanee notes the unique learning environment at MSU, where she sees ample opportunity for self-expression and potential development. She is amazed by the close relationship between MSUrians and their lecturers allowing answers and clarification to be sought beyond the lecture hours. She speaks of lecturers and fellow students alike helping her adapt to the MSU learning system, which she observes as being different from Burapha’s.

Making the leap from the familiar to go on the Global Mobility Program (GMP) is the first challenge to harnessing the benefit of travel. Overcoming such challenge not only makes for a step forward into the pursuit of a next but also the courage through which future success can be confidently included. Together with over forty partner institutions worldwide and flagship programs of global mobility (GMP), leadership development (GLP), and internship (GIP), Management and Science University (MSU), QS rated for Excellence in Teaching, Facilities, Graduate Employability, Social Responsibility, and Inclusiveness, continues to create opportunities for students to experience the world and discover their own true potential.