Reaching Hands, Bridging Gaps

Orphan kids taught basic healthcare in Project Hope by International Medical School (IMS) of Management and Science University (MSU)

Inequality, lack of opportunity, and lack of knowledge are harmful to health, and in no one else are all three more apparent than in orphans. Management and Science University (MSU) sends its International Medical School (IMS) Bangalore-campus students out to Yateem Khanna Orphanage for some fundamental fixes.

Twenty-five orphans received the benefit of the Love-Beyond-Boundaries theme of the project. Excited, learning in every way, they had been shown the correct method of brushing teeth before given the tools to try it out themselves. Getting them engaged in the learning process called for incorporating a lot of fun into it. How to clean their hands was taught through a Hand Wash Dance, whilst exercising took on aerobic moves.

Touched by the kids’ making do in material comfort, Project Director Muhammad Iqhmal Mohd Zamri was glad for the project’s contribution to their happiness. Their creativity was given a hand by colouring and bookmarker-making activities, their school compound a joint effort at cleaning up, and their inquisitive minds a gift of reading materials to encourage future discoveries.

Along with social and health services, such out-of-classroom learning experiences go a long way to helping children reach their potential. Projects such as the IMS Hope: Reaching Hands are crucial to bridging the inequality gap so knowledge and opportunity may be delivered. Whilst its ethos of caring and giving endows the orphans with a sense of belonging and inclusion, community engagement also builds the young doctors with the soft skills they need for the patients they will eventually serve.