Define your moment, move the world

Class of 2017 sent on their way by President of Management and Science University (MSU) at 20th Convocation Ceremony

The result of every action traces back to a decision prompted by a why. For any outcome to emerge successful by design, the right reason must precede. At the 20th Convocation Ceremony of Management and Science University (MSU), Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid recommended a retrospect.

“Today, we reap what was sowed. No one made it here alone. Your success story did not begin with only yourself. Look back and reflect. Success does not come by its own. There will always be someone else who supported you with some form of sacrifice. I take this opportunity to thank all of them, especially parents, family, and faculty.”

The President went on to reflect on the why of Management and Science University (MSU), which has always been its students. A holistic curriculum designed to equip MSUrians with the well-roundedness that employers seek came off the decision to help graduate employability. Its entrepreneur ecosystem was set up to cultivate a leader-innovator mindset and an economic competitiveness that prepare graduates to weather the job market. The decision for excellent learning produced excellent teaching and facilities, which combined with excellent cultures of social responsibility and inclusiveness to culminate in excellent graduate employability.

With 98.6% of MSUrians landing a job within six months of graduation, the University holds the record for the highest graduate employability figure among varsities in Malaysia.

Professor Shukri encouraged the graduates to start their working life by moving up to a higher purpose, because nothing in life is only about one’s own self but everything to do with community and country. Drawing a parallel from Archimedes’ fulcrum principle, the MSU President called on Class of 2017 to arrive at a defining moment with their newly earned scroll as the lever.

“Time to find your place in society and move the world.”

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