Flying high

Diligent work, persevering spirit, and undivided support add up to academic excellence

In the run-up to the recent 20th Convocation Ceremony, Management and Science University (MSU) celebrated another group of excellent MSUrians – those who made it to the President’s List. A recognition of their academic excellence, the President’s List awards students who accomplished upwards of 3.75 Semester Grade Point Average throughout three consecutive semesters. Winners this February 2017 number 284 across the bachelor and diploma programmes of the University.

The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS) led with 90 students, followed by 60 from the Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP) and 30 from the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE). The School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS) presented 45, the School of Pharmacy (SPH) 26, the International Medical School (IMS) 22, and the School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA) 11.

Professor Shukri reminded the students that education is not only knowledge attainment but also character development. Attributing academic excellence to personal diligence, lecturer perseverance, and parental support, the President also spoke about the skills of communication, critical thinking, and creativity being especially important to personal and global competitiveness. Passion and capacity for lifelong learning should be the personal characteristic driving a necessary pursuit of contemporary skills in meeting the needs of a modern, technology-driven world.

Management and Science University (MSU) adopts the holistic approach to education to ensure well-roundedness in its graduates. Recording a national high of 98.6% in the number of MSUrians obtaining employment within six months of their graduation, the University has been awarded the QS 5 Stars for Excellence in not only Graduate Employability but also Teaching, Facilities, Social Responsibility, and Inclusiveness. MSU has also been crowned Best Entrepreneurial Private University 2016 by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

Recipients of the February 2017 President’s List Awards