Bachelor in Education (Visual Arts) (Hons)

Course Title: Education (Visual Arts), Bachelor (Hons)
Course Code: BEVA

What the course will give you
Art inspires and instills self- and world-awareness thus is believed to be the bridge to social stability and multi-cultural understanding. The MSU honours degree programme in visual art education will equip you with sufficient competence to nurture and nourish an early love of art in young learners. You will learn art history and visual culture, modern and contemporary art, and philosophy and theatre, also assess and evaluate visual art, and develop visual art materials.

Your lecturers are visual art professionals, and you train in excellent on-campus facilities. The learning opportunities and experiences we provide will add depth and breadth to your understanding and develop both your vocational and life skills. You graduate with a host of practical, social, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills alongside core visual art and teaching skills.

How long it will take you
3 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
Individuals trained in the appropriations of art usually also have the ability to produce aesthetically pleasing work or instill pleasantness and calmness. Such skills may provide you well in art styling or therapy work, while your educator’s training, which honed your leadership and managerial skills, will work in your favour at art workshops and exhibitions. Art stylist, art therapist, art workshop facilitator (even owner), and art exhibition manager are just some of the potential new careers for graduates of visual art education.

Who may enrol
You need a Credit in Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu (Syllabus X) Bahasa Malaysia II at SPM level AND at least THREE (3) C’s including in Pengajian Am / Kertas Am (General Studies / General Paper) or TWO (2) C’s including in Pengajian Am / Kertas Am (General Studies / General Paper) plus TWO (2) D’s; OR THREE (3) A-levels; OR an MSU Foundation Certificate; OR an MSU or a PTPL Diploma; OR an equivalent qualification recognized by MSU Senate.

Bachelor (Hons) in Education (Visual Art) (BEVA) is a three-year career-focused industry-developed programme of MSU’s School of Education & Social Sciences (SESS).  

KPT Reference
KPT JPS (N/145/6/0031) 11/17

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