Diploma in Counselling and Guidance

Course Title: Counselling and Guidance, Diploma
Course Code: DCG

What the course will give you
The MSU diploma programme in counselling and guidance provides a basic entry qualification to professional counseling. It is also suitable for professionals who wish to develop their counselling skills for use in their own line of work. The programme is unique for its wide array of subjects taught such as counseling theories and psychotherapy, also behaviour modification.

Your lecturers are professional counsellors, and you train in excellent on-campus facilities. The learning opportunities and experiences we provide will add depth and breadth to your understanding and develop both your vocational and life skills. You graduate with a host of practical, social, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills alongside core counselling and guidance skills.

How long it will take you
2 ½ years

Where the qualification may lead you to
You have an important role in society, with a wide range of careers open to you in stressful, fast-paced 21st-century life. Other than becoming an Assistant Counsellor, you could also be the Assistant Welfare or Social Services Officer, or Assistant Marriage and Family Therapist, working across industries such as computers and technology, care-giving, and rehabilitation. You may also go on to degree studies in the subject or another.

Who may enrol
You need at least THREE (3) credits including in Bahasa Malaysia and English Language at SPM level OR an equivalent qualification recognized by MSU Senate.

Diploma in Counseling and Guidance (DCG) is a two-and-a-half-year career-focused industry-developed programme of MSU’s School of Education & Social Sciences (SESS).

KPT Reference
KPT/ JPS (KA8709)04/16

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