Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Science)

Course Title: Applied Science, Doctor of Philosophy
Course Code: PSC

What the course will give you
Applied science aids development of inventions or technological applications through use of existing scientific knowledge. The PSC programme for Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Science at Management and Science University (MSU) is administered by its School of Graduate Studies (SGS). With its strong practical focus, the PSC curriculum delivers advanced skills that prepare its graduates for leadership and other prominent roles in all aspects of applied science.

How long it will take you
3 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
PhD holders would be well-equipped for consultancy jobs as they have all the skills to be excellent consultants and usually do not require much additional training. Entry-level consultants may find large firms to be their largest job market. To be a strong candidate, great communication skills are required as well as evidence of contributions inside and outside the lab.

Who may enrol
Prospective applicants must have a Master’s degree (MQF Level 7) accepted by MSU Senate OR other qualifications accepted by MSU Senate as equivalent to a Master’s degree (MQF Level 7).

Note that there is no direct entry from Bachelor’s degree (MQF Level 6) to Doctoral degree (MQF Level 8). Bachelor’s degree candidates registered on a Master’s degree programme (MQF Level 7), however may apply for change to Doctoral degree programme within one (1) year of registering for the Master’s degree programme (MQF Level 7), on these provisions: candidate demonstrates competence in and capability to conduct research at PhD level (MQF Level 8); candidate is subjected to rigorous internal assessment by the University; candidate obtains MSU Senate approval.

Reference no.
KPT/JPS (N/545/8/0074) 06/21

[Updated 15.05.2017]

[Updated 15.05.2017]

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