PhD in Management / Business

Course Title : PhD in Management/Business
Course Code : PMB

What the programme will give you?
The MSU research programme leading up to the award of a PhD in Management/Business is designed for ambitious graduates wishing to do academic research in, or teach as, professors of management/business. Emphasizing mastery of the concepts and skills relevant to business and management, the PMB programme will equip you with the relevant background theory and technical knowledge for field research into business management.

How long it will take you
Full-time: Minimum 2 years; Maximum 6 years.
Part-time enrollment is possible.

Where the qualification may lead you to
Your options may include academic positions in institutions of higher education, continuing on with further/higher research, or moving into publishing or consultancy. Your industry job options may include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, or other high offices in business management.

Who may enrol
Prospective applicants must have at least a Master’s degree or equivalent from an institution approved by MSU Senate.

PhD Management/Business (PMB) is a research programme by the MSU School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

KPT Reference
KPT/ JPS ((R2/345/8/0510) 11/19

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