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Bachelor in Psychology with Marketing (Hons)

Course Title : Psychology with Marketing, Bachelor (Hons)
Course Code : BPS

About the Course
Bachelor in Psychology with Marketing (Hons) is a unique degree programme that prepares graduates with in-depth understanding of human psychology; how consumers make purchasing decisions; and how we can influence business relationships through marketing strategies. Its immediate goal is to understand behaviour and mental processes and also learn the principles of marketing, and gain an expert understanding of consumers and their patterns of behaviour. The programme focuses on the psychology of the market segmentation by looking into consumers behavioural patterns. Besides that, Bachelor of Psychology with Marketing @ MSU does not only focus on the theories and academic aspects but students are also given the opportunity to explore the real business world through various outdoor activities.

Entry Requirement

(i) STPM Candidate :

    (a) Pass SPM or its equivalent with credit in Bahasa Melayu


    (b) Pass STPM or its equivalent, with minimum Grade C in 3 subjects including Pengajian Am (General Studies) or at least 2.00 CGPA;


    (c) A pass in STPM or its equivalent, with minimum Grade C in 2 subjects including Pengajian Am (General Studies) and Grade D for 2 other subjects;


(ii) Ministry of Education (KPM) Matriculation Certificate or MSU Foundation Certificate, or its equivalent from higher learning institution recognised by Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) and accreditated by MQA;


(iii) Diploma from PTPL/MSU, or Diploma from Polytechnic or Public Higher Learning Institution (IPTA) or Private Higher Learning Institution (IPTS) recognised by Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) and accreditated by MQA;


(iv) Pass at least 3 subjects in A-Level;


(v) Pass The South Australian Matriculation (SAM) with minimum score of 65% - 70%;


(vi) Pass Canadian Pre University Programme (CPU) with minimum score of 80%;


(vii) Pass Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least grade B in 5 subjects;


(viii) other equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian Government

Duration : 3 years

Core Subjects

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Marketing Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Research
  • Industrial & Organisational Psychology
  • Business Psychology in Practice
  • Service Marketing
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Social Psychology
  • Principles & Practices of Management
  • The Psychology of Personality
  • International Marketing

Career Prospect
There are many career opportunities for a marketing psychologist including business consultant, ergonomist, marketing researcher, administrator and educator. They can be working for a government agency, public or private school or college, a private company as well as a multinational corporation.

KPT Reference : KA8708 [JPT/BPP(U)100-801/33/Jld.3(1)]

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