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Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Course Title : Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Diploma
Course Code : DAMT

About the Course
The Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (DACM) is aimed at leading students to be well prepared either as an Aircraft Engineering Technician or in a chosen field of a degree programme. The programme provides students with the fundamental of Aircraft Maintenance Technology, avionic systems and the aspects of fixed wing aircraft, including airframe and engines. Equipped with a broad academic exposure, graduates of the DACM would have an edge to compete with graduates from other institutions in regards to employability.

Entry Requirement

(i) Pass SPM with at least 3 credits including Mathematics and pass English Language;


(ii) Certificate in relevant field from Polytechnic, PTPL or Provider of Higher Education recognised by Malaysian Government with minimum 2.0 CGPA;


(iii) Pass Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least grade B in 3 subjects;


(iv) Other equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian Government

Duration : 2 1/2 years

Core Subjects

  • Basic Aerodynamic
  • Aviation Legislation
  • Theory of Flight and Flight Control
  • Electronics Instrument and Avionics System
  • Maintenance Practice
  • Airframe Structure
  • Aircraft Hydraulic and Pneumatics
  • Turbine Engine & APU
  • Aircraft Fuel System, Ice and Rain Protection
  • Engine Lubrication, Fuel and Air System
  • Power plant Installation, Monitoring & Ground Operation
  • Engine Starting, Ignition and Indication

Career Prospect
After completing this programme, graduates will certainly have an edge to compete with other graduates in regards to employability as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Engineer, Sheet Metal Repair Technician, Aircraft Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician, Quality Assurance Engineer, Aero Components Repair and Overhaul Technician and many more.

Graduates may also continue their study towards a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from any local public or private institutions or any recognised local or international aviation centre.

KPT Reference : N/525/4/0008 [JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/33/Jld5(8)]

Other Information
In order to carry out the aircraft maintenance work on aeroplanes or helicopters, one must obtain an Aircraft Maintenace License (AML) from Malaysia Airlines Engineering and Maintenance or Dilog Training and Services, as these are the only approved organisations to conduct training, examinations and assessment of AML granted by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM).

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