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The International Medical School offers programme of study for students who have keen interests in the areas of medicine and medical sciences. The school is established with the primary aim to groom future medical doctors and healthcare professionals with skill sets and professionalism to be the higher-order professionals the industry needs. It strives to produce committed and concerned doctors, medical scientist and healthcare professionals who are highly knowledgeable and sensitive to the health needs of the communities.

The School has two campuses, in Bangalore, India and in Shah Alam. The IMS campus in Bangalore focuses entirely on the MBBS Degree programme (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery).
At its Shah Alam campus, IMS offers 3 programmes and these are MBBS degree, Bachelor of Medical Science and Diploma in Medical Science. Students pursuing their studies at the Shah Alam campus may opt for transfer to the IMS Bangalore campus.

To learn more about the courses available, please visit the links below.

Our courses




  • Interactive lecturer theatre
  • Dissection Hall
  • Medical Resource Centre
  • Skills Lab which includes;
    • Mock Emergency Department
    • Mock Disaster Management Area
    • Observation Ward
    • Simulation Ward
    • Mock Paediatric Ward
    • Mock Labour Room
    • Procedure Room
    • ACLS & BLS Room
    • Teaching Hospital

Student Club

  • IMS Student Association (IMSA)


  • Medical Education
  • Interprofessional Learning
  • Drug Innovation
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