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Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Hons)

Course Title : Early Childhood Education, Bachelor (Hons)
Course Code : BECE

About the Course
Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (BECE) program is specially designed to provide students with broad-based knowledge on the basic education and preparation of young children for preschool and primary school years and to supporting the teacher training and translating child development theory and research into best practice in the early childhood. This curriculum provides knowledge and skill development in establishing a safe, secure and stimulating environment for young children. Students will develop an understanding of children's physical and mental needs, social, cognitive, creative, and emotional development.

Entry Requirement

(i) STPM Candidate :

    (a) Pass SPM or its equivalent with credit in Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu (Silibus X), Bahasa Malaysia II;


    (b) Pass STPM or its equivalent, with minimum Grade C in 3 subjects including Pengajian Am/Kertas Am (General Studies/General Paper);


    (c) A pass in STPM or its equivalent, with minimum Grade C in 2 subjects including Pengajian Am/Kertas Am (General Studies/General Paper) and Grade D for 2 other subjects;


(ii) Ministry of Education (KPM) Matriculation Certificate or MSU Foundation Certificate, or Foundation Certificate from other institution or Malaysia qualification and accreditated by MQA;


(iii) Diploma from PTPL/KUTPM(MSU), or Certificate/Diploma from Polytechnic, IPTA or IPTS with accreditation and other qualification from other institution recognised by Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) and accreditated by MQA;


(iv) Pass at least 3 subjects in A-Level (GCE);


(v) Pass The South Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) with minimum score of 65% - 70%;


(vi) Pass Canadian Pre University Programme (CPU) with minimum score of 80%;


(vii) Pass Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least grade B in 5 subjects;


(viii) other equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian Government

Duration : 3 years

Core Subjects

  • Learning Through Play
  • Art and Craft for Young Children
  • Philosophy of Early Childhood Education
  • Guiding Young Children’s Positive Development
  • Computers for Young Children
  • Cognitive Development of Young Children
  • Social and Emotional Development of Young Children
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Gifted Children and Early Childhood Education
  • Music and Movement for Young Children
  • Curriculum and Learning Activities for Nursery
  • Developing Critical and Creative Thinking for Young Children

Career Prospect
Graduates of this programme will be well qualified for employment in educational sectors, writing and publication sector or in a range of educational settings providing advice and support (counselling and advice) as:-

  • Children's Books Author
  • Children's Sports Development Organiser & Advisor
  • Early Education Advisor
  • Education Planner
  • Educational Games, Toys And Media Developer
  • Kindergarten (Pre-School) Administrator
  • Kindergarten (Pre-School) Educator
  • Pre-School Teacher/ Tutor
  • Programme Administrator/ Coordinator
  • Administrative Executive

KPT Reference : R/143/6/0054 [JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/33/Jld.11(17)]

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