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Diploma in Counselling and Guidance

Course Title : Counselling and Guidance, Diploma
Course Code : DCG

About the Course
The Diploma in Counselling and Guidance is designed for participants who have no experience in counselling but are willing to gain a basic entry qualification to professional counseling. It is also for professionals who wish to develop counselling skills and knowledge for application in their work areas such as in health, social services, education, customer service, human resource and supervisory work settings.

The Diploma in Counselling and Guidance will provide a basic level of knowledge about major approaches to counselling and psychotherapy to students. The programme will equip students with a basic level of knowledge and skills in working with different client groups and specific client issues. It will also introduce students to the ethical and professional issues faced by counsellors in human service industries.

The MSU-DCG programme can be considered to be unique in the country because the programme offers a wide array of subjects such as Theories & Psychotherapy in Counseling, Human Resource Management & Behavior Modification. Such intense exposure to a wide range of subjects increases the number of opportunities that are available for students.

Entry Requirement

(i) Pass SPM with at least 3 credits including Bahasa Malaysia and English Language;


(ii) Pass Certificate in Counselling and Guidance from institution recognised by MSU Senate;


(iii) Pass Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least grade B in 3 subjects;


(iv) other equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian Government

Duration : 2 1/2 years

Core Subjects

  • Principles of Counselling and Guidance
  • Growth and Human development
  • Behaviour modification
  • Child Psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Ethics and Issues in Counselling
  • Theories & Psychotherapy in counselling
  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Pra-practicum counselling (Case work)
  • Practices of Management
  • Principles of marketing
  • Introduction to Strategic management

Career Prospect
This programme enables its graduates to pursue their journey in a wide range of lucrative career options as Counsellor, School Counsellor, Social Services Officer, Administrative Officer, Welfare Officer, Human Resource Officer, Mental Health Counsellor, Marriage and Family Therapist and Counselling Service Consultation in various industries such as:-

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
  • Government Departments or Private Agencies
  • Hospitals / Counselling Centres
  • Rehabilitation Centres, Mental Health Centres
  • Non-Governmental Organization / Social Service Organization / Welfare Home / Private Welfare Homes.

Upon successful completion of the diploma programme, students may choose to continue their education and gain advanced standing into any one of the degree programmes offered in Malaysia.

KPT Reference : KA8709 [JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/33/Jld.3(2)]

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