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PhD in Management/Business

Course Title : PhD in Management/Business
Course Code : PMB

About the Course
PhD in Management/Business is designed to prepare candidates with the relevant theory and technical knowledge to conduct research in the area of Management/Business. The curriculum emphasizes on functional perspectives and thesis work that typically includes field-based research. This helps our students to master the concepts and research skills relevant to management or business problems.

Entry Requirement

Master's degree or its equivalent approved by the University Senate

Duration : 2-6 years (Full time/Part time)

Core Subjects

  • 1. Advanced Research Methodology
  • 2. Graduate Seminar
  • 3. Thesis Writing
  • 4. Quantitative Method for Business Research

Career Prospect
Upon graduation, graduates may find career opportunities in government agencies, corporate companies, banks, private companies/agencies, institutions, colleges/universities, research institutions and many more. Among the career opportunities in this sector are General Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Manager, Assistant Manager, Academician, Researcher and

KPT Reference : R2/345/8/0510 [JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/33/Jld.14(44)]

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