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Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Course Title : Hospitality and Tourism Management, Diploma
Course Code : DHM

About the Course
The Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management is an academic programme that leverages on a unique learning opportunity in the combined disciplines of hospitality, tourism and management. Students will enjoy a solid foundation in hospitality and tourism studies and will be exposed to the 'know how' and 'hands on' training in both the hospitality and tourism areas of practices. As such, graduates of the programme are expected to be competent to handle the common hospitality and tourism practice as well as becoming the forefront supervisors and lower level managers that are able to advice on routine decision making process of the job scope.

Entry Requirement

(i) Pass SPM/SPMV with 3 credits in any subject, preference given to students with credit in Maths and Science;


(ii) Business Management Certificate from PTPL and pass all the subjects;


(iii) Certificate from Polytechnic, IPTA and other qualification recognised by College Academic Board;


(iv) Pass Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least grade B in 3 subjects;


(v) Other equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian Government

Duration : 2 1/2 years

Core Subjects

  • Introduction to Tour Operation
  • Basic Cookery

Career Prospect
Many opportunities await graduates in the hospitality and tourism industry. Organisationally, graduates will be absorbed into government ministries and departments, local authorities, government enforcement agencies (income tax; immigration; custom;etc.), hotels, event companies, travel agents, transport operators, corporations and companies, banks, insurance companies, multimedia telecommunication companies and marketing agencies.

KPT Reference : R/811/4/0007[JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/33/Jld.3(16)]

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