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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a rapidly expanding profession and an obvious growth area for integrated and interdisciplinary professional training. This program will have strong emphasis on a professional interdisciplinary approach and on research and innovation in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Affiliated with TCM Universities in China, this course is taught by highly experienced practitioners and offers a unique learning approach, combining biomedical sciences with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Clinical training takes place in mock clinic on campus and through placements which begin in Year 1 and happen throughout the course, ensuring students put theory into practice in a professional environment. Students can also take part in an internship in China.

The objective is to be qualified for TCM Physician's Registration set by Malaysian TCM Practitioners Board, under Ministry of Health, to become registered and licensed TCM Physician.Career opportunities are available within both the private sector and increasingly within the Government hospitals.The curriculum also allows academically inclined graduates to further their studies towards post-graduate levels in any traditional medicine sub-disciplines and scientific research.

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