MSU Outreach Mission

In line with MSU’s vision and mission, MSU Outreach will mobilize all resources of the University to address societal needs and to enrich the lives of its communities with quality community-inclusive programs whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Reaching Our Learners

MSU, through the excellence of our spectrum of academic and professional development programs and the innovative use of technology to encourage interactive learning, will continue to enhance our learners’ learning experience by providing the innovative, flexible, accessible and learner-centred educational experience.

Reaching Our Community and University

MSU reaches one in every two secondary schools nation-wide, facilitating career and technology talks. MSU also conducts numerous community services programs throughout the year focusing on the less fortunate and environment-related issues.

Reaching Our People

MSU has created a culture where employees are empowered and respected, have the necessary resources to exceed our stakeholders’ expectation, and are facilitated, recognized, and rewarded by an organization that fully supports innovation, creativity and community collaboration.

Social Media Links

Management and Science University uses Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr to give you another place to access the things you want:

  1. MSU on Facebook includes news and information on what’s going on in campus. It also allows students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans to post and share their events and photos.

  2. The MSU YouTube Channel is currently building up its content; which also includes fan favourites found on YouTube.

  3. MSU on Flickr will be the pool of photos from activities of MSU citizens.

Also on the web is the Wikipedia page about Management and Science University. MSU will continuously take advantage of the many opportunities to interact with students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans of MSU.

Management and Science University on Facebook


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