Yayasan MSU - Foundation for Building Excellence

“Yayasan MSU” or the MSU Foundation is a foundation for building excellence. The foundation, is a manifestation of the President and Founder of MSU, Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri who is passionate about helping those in need and driven towards excellence as well as scholarly success. The foundation itself is an extension of the university’s commitment in education, lifelong learning and community engagement works, which is a reflection of MSU as a caring and giving institution. It is committed towards providing financial assistance and scholarships for research or academic pursuits to eligible recipients with the hope that this contribution will spark opportunities towards social and economic improvement to the beneficiaries and the society at large.

Underlying this benevolent effort is the commitment to instill the values of excellence in the creation of quality human capital. This noble and charitable cause rest on the belief that the spirit of giving will eventually spur compassion, understanding and tolerance which are essential ingredients towards the creation of an integrated society.

The Community engagement activities are also areas with which the Foundation plays an active role. Among these are the uplifting of the living standards of the urban poor and financial assistance to orphans. Annually, the Foundation promotes various community engagement activities targeted towards these groups. The Foundation’s involvement also encompasses the poor in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and China.

Yayasan MSU accepts contributions and manages all funds through its board of trustees. Individuals or organizations interested to contribute towards the cause of the Foundation may write to the following address or call:

Yayasan MSU
University Drive, Off Persiaran Olahraga
Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam
Selangor, Malaysia

For further enquiries please call +603 5521 6878.