Transforming Lives, Enriching Your Future

Transforming Lives, Enriching Your Future

Management and Science University (MSU) is a top international university focusing on developing and delivering quality human capital that meets national as well as global critical need. 

Championing higher education, the University promotes excellence and advances scholarship with a culture of research, innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Its award-winning programmes in medicine, health sciences, pharmacy, information sciences, engineering, business management and professional studies, education and the social sciences, tourism, hospitality, culinary, music, and fashion meet stringent standards set by local and international bodies including the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA); the United Kingdom’s Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC); and Japan’s Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow. 

Management and Science University (MSU) is rated SETARA Tier-5 for Excellent on the national university-rating system by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. Awards and recognitions to Management and Science University (MSU) include:

Management and Science University (MSU) strives to build graduate employability through students’ personal development, prioritizing holistic learning blended with industry and international exposure and delivering compelling learning experiences through highly qualified academics and visiting professors. Its programmes of study are meticulously crafted to enhance graduate potential, with initiatives for students’ global mobility, leadership, and competitiveness building graduates with the well-roundedness employers seek. 

A study by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia traces 98.6 percent of Management and Science University (MSU) as successfully hired within six months of their graduation. This achievement has led Management and Science University (MSU) to rank number one on the national graduate employability register. 

The university’s event management programmes are recognized by the Asia Pacific Institute of Events Management (APIEM) as producing the best graduates for the industry. Management and Science University (MSU) has been inducted into the institute’s international network as APIEM’s first International Centre of Excellence in Malaysia. The university has also been certified a Gold Award School of Tourism and Hospitality 2017 by the Malaysia Tourism Council.   

An applied and enterprise university, MSU offers foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and flexible programmes through an entry system that facilitates admission of students from all walks of life. Management and Science University (MSU) houses the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, the Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies, the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering, the International Medical School, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Education and Social Sciences, the School of Hospitality and Creative Arts, the School of Graduate Studies, the Graduate School of Management, and the Centre for Fundamental Studies.