Rising to the Challenge of the Red Ocean
Rising to the Challenge of the Red Ocean

MSU MBA prepares career makers to meet market needs

There is no doubt that the dynamics of 21st-century economy have changed the business landscape at home and abroad. Global organizations and establishments at all levels of management in the corporate and industrial sectors increasingly seek cost effective ways to stay afloat in the red ocean. One vital question remains: is the current human capital or talent resource able to adopt and adapt to the megatrends of disruptive changes? 

The Management & Science University (MSU) approach to teaching and learning includes an industry-driven education that enhances human capital development for the 21st-century knowledge economy. The MSU Master in Business Administration (MBA), offered at its Post Graduate Centre (PGC), provides the most critical skills for business and management. The MSU MBA remains high on the selections list in honing business-centric skills that meet marketplace demands around the globe. 

With global companies constantly on the lookout for new talents and leadership, the MSU MBA adopts global standards and best practices in building talent and capacity. Enhancing key abilities such as business innovation, strategy, and decision making, across all levels on the managerial, entrepreneurial, financial, ICT technology, and governance spectra, the MSU MBA seeks to bring exciting real-world practice into the classroom through an immersive 360-degree learning experience. The MSU MBA advocates global sustainability goals in incorporating practical dimensions to developing top-tier management skills, across entrepreneurial leadership, strategic management, Islamic finance, and project management for the 21st century. 

A combination of affordable fees, world-class teaching, and leading industry collaborations support the MSU MBA in developing a sustainable supply of business graduates who are well-prepared to meet 21st-century demands. The MSU series of CEO Talks and Entrepreneur Talks are up-close opportunities for MSU’s MBA students for quality learning from global CEOs across the business and management spectrum.  

MSU is the first non-Japanese university accredited by the Alliance on Business Education & Scholarship for Tomorrow (ABEST21), and was celebrated as Malaysia’s Most Entrepreneurial Private University in 2016. 

The MSU Post Graduate Centre (PGC) offers the MBA along with Master and PhD programmes in various business disciplines and professional studies; for all management levels, on weekend/weekday classes, and with flexible timeframes. The MSU MBA takes between 18 months full time and 5 years part time. Check out the programmes offered at the MSU Graduate School of Management (GSM) or enquire here.