In service of the national need for Pharmacists
In service of the national need for Pharmacists

The ratio of pharmacists to population in Malaysia's 2014 was 1 to 2,900 as recorded by the Ministry of Health. Helping the nation achieve 1 pharmacist per 2,000 patients by 2020 are the pharmacy programmes at Management and Science University (MSU).

Pharmacists are the professionals depended on by millions walking into drug stores daily in search of assistance and advice to meet various healthcare needs. As part of the healthcare team, they dispense medicine to patients on the doctor’s prescription. Their care focuses on the patient’s drug therapy; identifying and resolving related issues.

As professionals skilled in drug chemistry, pharmacists formulate medicines and the therapeutic use of drugs in treating diseases. They are the medicinal experts ensuring optimal use, advising patients on correct usage and consumption risks.

Providing advice on correct usage and consumption risks is just one of the roles of a pharmacist

Pharmacists also provide patients with information on home healthcare supplies and products. Besides manning pharmaceutical stores, they may also be involved in managing pharmaceutical facilities.

Though they mostly enter into community pharmacy practice, pharmacy graduates enjoy a wide range of career opportunities. With the increased demand for pharmacists in clinical settings, their career options are expanded even further.

Rising need for pharmacists, called on by federal and provincial governments alike, contribute to the expanded opportunities; with job openings in analytical laboratories, and administrative positions such as consultants, government inspectors, and health officers. Across the pharmaceutical industry, career opportunities for pharmacy graduates besides research, production and quality control count sales and marketing.

Career options for a pharmacy graduate include laboratory work

Opportunities may also be available in universities as lecturers and researchers. In an area as varied as healthcare, pharmacists are thus needed almost everywhere – community pharmacies, hospitals, commercial industry, research centres, regulatory affairs, marketing, and academia.

Regarded as one of the most trusted professions in the world, this exciting, versatile, and highly rewarding area of work has become one of healthcare’s most pursued fields of study.

And delivering on its commitment to produce excellent human capital is Management and Science University (MSU), who enhances teaching and learning by bringing industry to campus in a holistic approach to education.

Industry is embedded in MSU, strengthening faculty whilst supporting technical vocational education and training (TVET). Comprehensive global mobility opportunities add on to various skills enhancement efforts by the university, and build on the compelling learning experiences it provides to enhance graduate employability in all MSUrians.

Pharmacy students from the Philippines’ University of Santo Tomas on GIP at MSU

MSUrians from the School of Pharmacy on their Global Mobility Programme to Thailand

Along with Pharmacy at degree, diploma, and master’s levels, Management and Science University (MSU) also offers Pharmaceutical Technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Visit the MSU School of Pharmacy or place an enquiry.