Music at MSU Malaysia

Jamming in the studio at Management and Science University (MSU)

Prepare yourself for the musical career of your choice, with the right programmes at Management and Science University (MSU).

Music develops incredibly diverse skills that equip you for a wide range of future career roles. 

What kind of jobs are there in the music industry? 

What can you do with a music degree? 

For a career performing music …

Artiste management among careers for Music Performance graduates

Pave your way to the performance path guided by professors who are professional performers themselves.

That’s three years’ worth of professional musical training informing your performance and developing your natural talent, as well as three years of professional feedback and musicianship building your competencies and confidence. 

In your third year, you approach music composition, basic live sound engineering, and artiste management, so you start your music internship in the final year with holistic background knowledge and skills to make it in Music Performance as a modern musician.  

MSU Bachelor in Music Performance (Honours)
MSU Choir Club De’Voice
In song and spirit, harmony across diversity

For a career composing music … 

State-of-the-art facilities across MSU music programmes

You will need to develop competencies in composition as well as harmony, and to familiarize yourself with the music business and its legal aspects such as copyright and infringement. 

These you will be immersed in, as you experience music of the 20th and 21st centuries and be exposed to Western music history. 

You will also develop competencies in advanced orchestration and arranging, MIDI, and programming; and round up your studies in Music Composition and Arranging with a final-year project as you prepare for internship in your final year on the programme.

MSU Bachelor in Music (Composition and Arranging) (Honours)  

For a career producing music … 

Audio workstation in Music Technology

Experience sound creation, production, and recording at MSU’s on-campus state-of-the-art recording studio, where your learning experiences include basic electronics and audio chain – common courses to the Music Technology diploma and degree programmes at MSU. 

Further to the diploma programme will be the fundamentals to song-writing, and your introduction to basic live sound engineering, sound design, and the digital audio workstation. 

On the degree programme, you train in synthesis and sampling, advanced mixing, and film scoring, and encounter the analogue audio workstation.

MSU Bachelor in Music Technology (Honours)
MSU Diploma in Music Technology

With its holistic curriculum promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, the MSU experience in your university education not only connects you with the music industry and its opportunities but will help you take a step in tune with professional musicianship in the 21st century.