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At MSU Kids, we are passionate about what we provide, and ensure that all children are at the heart of everything we do.

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We mould holistic children through a well-balanced education that enriches their personal, interpersonal and social skills, with a multi – disciplinary approach that nurtures leadership, integrity, academic excellence and passion for lifelong learning.


About MSU Kids

MSU Kids
is a maintained, resourced based nursery school which operated as the ‘workplace nursery’ under Management & Science University. We are passionate about what we provide for the children who attend and ensure that the children are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that learning through play and exposure to new experiences is a vital aspect of a child’s development. Thus, the main learning at nursery comes from the interactions between your child between peers and adults, from exploration and investigation, rather than creating an end product. We see parents as their child’s first educator and welcome all involvement because we realize the importance and the value of your role. 

At our nursery, we offer an open door policy and welcomes you, parents, to be part of our school. We are keen to listen to any ideas and thoughts you have related to the education and care of your child. Therefore, the management employed only well trained, dedicated and encouraging staff to support you with concerns or difficulties you may face. We look forward in making sure that when the time comes, your child is fully prepared and ready to start their next stage of their learning journey. We hope that MSU Kids will make your child’s first experience of school is a fun, exciting and memorable experience. 

Principal's Speech

As Principal of MSU Kids I wish to extend a warm welcome to all our toddlers’ families.  We are proud of the wonderful nursery we have developed and the great learning experiences and opportunities we offer our students.  Our nursery is committed to providing a quality education for all students that develops the whole child.  Our school values underpin all that we do in a supportive and caring environment.  MSU Kids focuses on quality teaching and learning, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, and units of inquiry featuring significant and relevant content for life in the 21st century through play.  MSU Kids prides itself on embedding technology into every theme for each week.

MSU Kids was built as a result of a need for a nursery in the MSU community and opened in 2008.  It has continued to grow into a dynamic and vibrant community with a focus on strong communication and partnerships with all university community members.

MSU Kids students benefit from the toddler environment with the majority of students age of 3 months up to 4 years old.  We have an effective transition program which allows all our students several opportunities to visit and interact with us before they can enroll and be a part of our family.

We look forward to guiding and sharing your child's learning journey and welcome your involvement and contribution to our school community.

Warm regards
Syara Saifudin



Day Care

Working parents have an alternative to choose an extended program of ours. In which, your child may stay with us from 0800 – 1810. Food and beverages will be provided according to our meals schedule. The children will be given a shower and nap time, followed by exciting activities throughout the day. 

We divided the children into 3 different groups, according to their age except for the babies. Each group will learn in 3 different set-up of a classroom; (station, role-play and video) and will rotate accordingly throughout the week. This approach is known as “moving classroom”.

Movement in learning is a teaching method based on the concept that humans learn better through movement. This teaching method can be applied to students, who should have the opportunity throughout a class period to move around to take "brain breaks" to refocus their attention so they can learn new materials. 
  • The teachers will show them various videos according to each theme, every week. The teachers will then explain and recall together with the childrens after every session. This will literally help to build their vocabullary and as well as growing together with the modern technology (with guidance). 

  • The teachers set up a scene of dramatic play for the children to act out the roles given on that week. This would add up to their development, as role plays builds confidence, creativitiy communciation and performing tasks, negotiation skills and problem solving. 

  • The teachers set up 4 different stations that utilize the miracle of messy play. Messy play is a collection of sensory play ideas and activities for the children to explore and experimenting through unstructured play. The children learn better through this approach as they can be more expressive of themselves. 
  • Campus walk (every Wednesday)
  • Parents involvement (1 parent every Friday 30 minutes)
  • Morning coffee ( every Mondays )
  • Parenting talk 
  • PTC ( Parent - Teacher Conference) (every 6 months)

Classification of children according to their age



MSU Kids also offers transit services. In which, we take children from 12 noon onwards and prepared various activities for them.

  • Music and movements
  • Drama play
  • Arts and crafts
  • Educational Games

We also Include checking on their homeworks from respective school in the morning up and provide enrichment session (individually according to each level of capabilities) for reading and writing.

Parents will be charged according to hours. 

Early Childhood Laboratory

MSU Kids nursery also known as the Lab for Early Childhood Education students here in Management & Science University (MSU). The university students are more than welcome to do their internship training, observations, assignments and also experimenting their teaching aids/ methods for young children here at our centre. With guidance from the principal and the teachers, the students are able to identify the tips and skills needed in order to prepare themselves before being send out in this field, for internship, running their own school or even help a lot in job interviews will become more easier as they are familiar with the setting of a child care.
Main keys for our ECL :

  • Enggage with university students 
  • University students could experience working with children 
  • Do their assignments, observations and conduct program for the chidren. 

If you are an MSU Early Childhood Education student, and you are interested in undertaking any activities described above, please contact our principal for further arrangements. 



Fees for MSU Kids

Parents with two children enrolled at MSU Kids will be given a 50% discount from the difference of the new increased fee, depending on the age group of the second child.


  1. All rates quoted are subject to changes by MSU Sdn Bhd. 
  2. Childrens are placed on waiting list according to the date of application. Selection will be made upon first come first serve basis according to the waiting list. 
  3. Prior to your child’s enrolment, both the parents and child must schedule a time to visit and spend time in the environment where your child will attend. This allows for more secure transition into the program. 
  4. Meals and/or snacks are provided and included in the monthly fee.

New Enrollment

Miscellaneous is inclusive of stationeries, art & craft, worksheets, work folders etc.

Extra Charges

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