Two gold and a title at Astro Bowling Championship 2018

Turkey strike for Counselling and Guidance student of Management and Science University (MSU) 

MSU Bachelor in Counselling and Guidance (Honours) student Siti Nurzulaika Ismail  struck two gold and the open-champion title at Astro’s 42nd National and 31st Inter-State Bowling Championship. The MSUrian took the Gold in the Girl’s Doubles and the Girl’s All-Event, and the Champion title in the Milo Youth Masters Girl’s Open category.

Youth Masters Girl’s Open Champion, MSUrian Siti Nurzulaika Ismail

MSU Diploma in Counselling and Guidance

MSU Bachelor in Psychology (Honours)

The August score is the biggest so far for Siti Nurzulaika, who had begun bowling since she was five years old and representing MSSKL for the Malaysia School Sports Council (MSSM) when she was seven. Last March, she represented the Federal Territory at the Brunswick Youth Challenge and won in the team category with another MSUrian, Durriyah Ibrahim from the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management programme.

Nurzulaika (far left) and Durriyah (far right) at the Brunswick Youth Challenge

MSU Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours)

MSU Diploma in Sport Science 

When asked for her tip to balancing studying and training, Siti Nurzulaika, who trains with a coach, says that being at MSU gives her the freedom to study anywhere, anytime, even during downtimes lepaking with friends.

“MSU provides very good facilities. I can download my course materials and study anywhere, it’s that flexible. On campus, there are places everywhere for you to lepak and study – you can even do that in the library! The environment here is just different from everywhere else I’ve been to. It’s just a happy place.”  

Flexibility for the lifelong learner
MSU Library and Resource Centre

On her hopes for the future, Siti Nurzulaika Ismail is optimistic about her career opportunities. “Counselling or bowling, here I come!” 

To the future!

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