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Hospitality & Creative Arts

A World Ranking Creative Arts & Hospitality University

Creativity is limitless, unhaltable, and boundaryless. It knows no colour or creed. Similarly, by reciprocating ingenious creativity through their respective crafts, be it fashion, music, broadcasting, literature, writing, culinary, or other creative studies, MSUrians take their innovation to a level above while maintaining its authenticity. Management and Science University (MSU) entered the QS WUR by Subjects in 2021, ranking No. 1 for Art and Design (Fashion Design) and 11th in Malaysia for Business and Management Studies. Receiving the rankings in the Arts and Humanities as well as the Social Sciences, MSU is now a World Top 50 University for Hospitality and Leisure Management, and a World Top 150 University for Art and Design.

Securing the country’s top spot for MSU in QS WUR by Subject’s Art and Design category are the university’s Bachelor in Fashion Design with Marketing (Hons) and Diploma in Fashion Design programmes, both offered by MSU’s School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA). The top-ranked university for Fashion Design programmes in Malaysia has also made the QS World 151-200 list for Art and Design. QS WUR by Subject 2021 places MSU at World Top 51-100 and Top 2 among Malaysia's institutions of higher education offering Hospitality and Leisure Management programmes. The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 for Management and Science University remain at World Top 150 for Hospitality and Leisure Management.