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Information Science & Engineering

Explore New Technologies with Deverse Perspectives

In recent years, a lot of systemic operations in the real working world have been based on data and information technology. These two components are pivotal to the ways things work in the modern day and age. Information sciences is a compact and detailed field that alternates between understanding and applying the knowledge of information systems and technology in an organisation or company.

This inter-disciplinary niche focuses on commerce, communication, management, and cognitive science. The Faculty of Information Sciences & Engineering (FISE) at Management & Science University (MSU) comprises the three departments of Media Science & Graphic, Engineering & Technology, and Information Sciences & Computing. FISE aims to produce technically competent and well-rounded professionals. Its curricula integrate knowledge of new technological marvels with diverse human values and global perspectives. Soft skills supplement core knowledge and technical skills, resulting in capable graduates enriched by their holistic learning experience.