Bachelor in Islamic Banking (Honours)
About The Course
The Bachelor in Islamic Banking programme is designed to equip you with the fundamentals and methodology of Islamic banking and financial system, providing you with comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and operating principles in Islamic banking as compared with conventional banking, and preparing you to meet the demands of the Islamic banking industry. You will be trained by lecturers who will share their knowledge and expertise in the field, providing an insight to the latest trends and development in the industry. The learning experiences here at Management and Science University will equip you with an array of transferable communication, analytical and interpersonal skills.
Year One
  • Islamic Capital Market
  • Islamic Bank Management
  • Islamic Economics
  • Accounting for Islamic Financial Institution
Year Two
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Islamic Treasury
  • Takaful
  • Islamic Investment
Year Three
  • Islamic Wealth Management
  • Ethics in Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Industrial Training
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Wealth Management Officer
  • Collections Officer
  • Shariah Compliance Officer
KPT/JPS ( N/343/6/0213 ) 11/21
Bachelor in Islamic Banking is a foundation for entry to a range of postgraduate business, finance and management programmes offered by MSU's Graduate School of Management.
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Duration of Study
3 years
Credit Hours