Diploma in Logistics Management
About The Course
Logistics management is a popular qualification sought by aspiring business professionals as it keeps supply chain moving and you employed. The Diploma in Logistics Management programme will develop your skills in managing the flow of goods from the planning to the implementation stage and ensuring a smooth circulation of information between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, service providers and consumers. A strong analytical mind and good communication skills are important skills needed in this industry. The teaching and learning environment at Management and Science University, with its blend of conventional and experiential learning which includes lectures, seminars, group projects and hands on experience in the field, will provide you with those skills.
You need THREE (3) Credits at SPM-level OR THREE (3) Cs at O-level OR a Level-3 KKM Certificate OR any qualification deemed equivalent by MSU Senate.


Diploma in Logistic Management (DLG) is offered by the Department of Business Management and Law at the Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP) of Management & Science University (MSU).

Year One
  • Introduction to Quantitative Techniques
  • Introduction to Logistics Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Customer Services
Year Two
  • E-Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory and Warehousing
Year Three
  • Transportation and Distribution Management
  • Industrial Training
  • Supply Coordinator
  • Material Logistics Coordinator
  • Inventory Planner
  • Distribution Manager
KPT/JPS ( N/345/4/0870 ) 10/20
Diploma in Logistics Management will assist you in your transition to university or employment and may give you guaranteed entry into bachelor programmes in business and management at MSU.
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RM25,000 - RM30,000

*The stated fees are estimation on overall completion of the program. In any cases where there are credit exemptions, offered rebates or approval of scholarship applications, there will be considerable reduction in the fees

The fees stated here are for Malaysians or local students only. Kindly refer to MSU regarding the fees for international students
Duration of Study
2 1/2 years
Credit Hours