Bachelor in Creative Video and Photography (Honours)
About The Course
With the emergence of social networks, our lives have become so interconnected through photography, that a world without it is difficult to visualise. We utilise videos and photography as a means to capture and share the moments in our lives, advocating and expressing our ideas and views through images. The Bachelor in Creative Video and Photography programme, will let you gain hands-on skills in editing and post-production through production of short films, videos and commercials. Experienced academics will guide and encourage you through a combination of lectures, practical workshops and demonstrations, gallery visits, and solo as well a collaborative projects. Professional practitioners and guest speakers providing industrial input and fieldwork with industry visits will enhance your skills and knowledge. Enrich your learning experience through the MSU Global Mobility Programme whereby you will spend a semester or more at MSU’s international partner universities. Practical experience towards the end of your studies will ensure you are ready for a career in this field, and the placement can also be carried out abroad through our Global Internship Programme, ideal for those contemplating working overseas upon completion of their degree.
Year One
  • Visual Research
  • Fundamental to Television Studies
  • Videography I: Pre-Production
  • Principles of Lighting
Year Two
  • Photography Critique
  • Motion Graphic
  • Editorial Photography
  • Genre Studies
Year Three
  • Contemporary Issues in Videography Photography
  • Video and Photography Project
  • Industrial Training
  • Video Editor
  • Motion Graphic Artist
  • Videographer
KPT/JPS ( N/213/6/0128 ) 05/18
Bachelor in Creative Video and Photography is an ideal pathway to an extensive range of postgraduate IT programmes at MSU's School of Graduate Studies.
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Duration of Study
3 years
Credit Hours