About the Course

Mechanical engineering is a broad area that includes application of physics and science principles into energy systems, design and manufacturing. The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in (Mechanical Engineering) programme aims to train graduates that are capable of fulfilling the tasks of a mechanical engineering scientist in various institutions and companies within the country, as well as globally. Young graduates will be able to find job opportunities in various industrial sectors such as research and development, product and process design as well as in manufacturing. Further career options include career in institution of higher learning as a researcher or academician, as well as in sales and businesses.

As an undergraduate working towards your bachelor’s degree, you will learn the science and engineering principles that apply to mechanical engineering systems. Through hands-on computer and laboratory work in our state-of-the-art facilities, your skills will be developed in specialized areas as solid and fluid mechanics, machine control systems and robotic devices. There is a large selection of technical electives that can be taken the senior year, which include in areas of resource conservation, improved efficiency of energy-consuming devices, renewable energy sources, biomedical systems as well as nanotechnology and mechatronics. There is also a variety of industry-sponsored projects which form the basis of your year-long capstone design experience.

Since this program aims to train qualified scientists in the field of mechanical engineering and the qualification awarded is a “Bachelor of Science”, this program do not involve recognition from the Board of Engineers Malaysia.

Programme Educational Objective (PEO)

The offering of this programme is to produce graduates with the ability to:

PEO1: Demonstrate an understanding of knowledge by applying the overall concept and principles that related to the mechanical engineering science field.

PEO2: Articulate the functional work skills effectively that leads to excellent performance that related to the mechanical engineering science field.

PEO3: Display appropriate personal skills, creativity and innovation that related to the mechanical engineering science field.

PEO4: Adhere to professional codes of ethics and enhance the humanistic values to overcome the challenges that related to the mechanical engineering science field.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Upon completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

PLO1: Apply a systematic understanding of facts, ideas, and principles to be implemented in the related to the field of mechanical engineering science. (PEO1)

PLO2: Solve engineering problems systematically to reach substantiated conclusions, using tools and techniques related to the mechanical engineering science field. (PEO1)

PLO3: Demonstrate comprehensive practical skills to enhance professional competencies and maintain sustainable practices in safe environment. (PEO2)

PLO4: Demonstrate interpersonal skills in appropriate and well-structured manner to enhance awareness of their social and ethical responsibilities. (PEO2)

PLO5: Communicate effectively with the communities and societies at all levels that related to the field of mechanical engineering science. (PEO2)

PLO6: Apply information technologies for problem solving with adherence to the digital ethics. (PEO2)

PLO7: Interpret the numerical data related to the field of mechanical engineering science. (PEO2)

PLO8: Display accountabilities in managerial capacity with confidence in various degrees of autonomy. (PEO2)

PLO9: Engage effectively in self-directed lifelong learning and professional pathways in multi-ethnic communities locally and globally. (PEO3)

PLO10: Apply entrepreneurial skills and creativity to be competitive in the industries towards national growth. (PEO3)

PLO11: Practice professionalism with ethical values and work locally and globally. (PEO4)

PLO12: Articulate a comprehensive world view that integrates diverse approaches to sustainability. (PEO4)

Entry Requirements
You need to obtain at least a C (2.00 CGPA) in two (2) subjects including Mathematics and one of Physical Science or Technical subject, at STPM level or a Pass at A-Level; OR pass with at least 2.00 CGPA and in a relevant/related field, a Diploma (MQF Level 4) or a Foundation/Matriculation programme; OR other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.
Duration of Study

3 ½ years


 (R/521/6/0137) (04/28) (MQA/FA5979)

RM60,000 - RM65,000
*The stated fees are estimation on overall completion of the program. In any cases where there are credit exemptions, offered rebates or approval of scholarship applications, there will be considerable reduction in the fees
The fees stated here are for Malaysians or local students only. Kindly refer to MSU regarding the fees for international students
Among the Courses Offered
Year One
•    Engineering Physics
•    Engineering Mathematics
•    Statics
•    Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Design
•    Instrumentation and Measurement

Year Two
•    Material Science
•    Dynamics
•    Introduction to Thermodynamics
•    Mechanics of Machine
•    Fluid Mechanics
•    Industrial Safety and Organization

Year Three
•    Mechatronics
•    Applied Thermodynamics
•    Mechanical Engineering Design
•    Process and Manufacturing Technology
•    Control System
•    Operation Management
•    Final Year Project
•    Industrial Training
Career Prospects

Graduates can work in fields such as:
•    Research & development
•    Sustainable technologies
•    Machine processing
•    Manufacturing
•    Building and construction
•    Industrial safety
•    Quality assurance
•    Engineering entrepreneurial
•    Training and academic

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