Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours)
About The Course
Our Bachelor programme will aid you in developing a sound foundation in all aspects of Electrical and Electronic Engineering that are important in the medical, communications, environmental and energy areas. You will gain guidance from our lecturers who are industry professionals in the electronics field. The supportive and integrated learning environment at Management and Science University will enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge whilst giving you the opportunity to develop your management, entrepreneurial and leadership potential.
Year One
  • Linear Algebra and Calculus
  • Material Science
  • Problem Solving and Programming
  • Basic Circuit Theory
Year Two
  • Electronic Circuit Analysis
  • Numerical Method
  • Electromagnetic Field
  • Solid State
Year Three
  • Power Electronics
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Industrial Training
  • Product Engineering Technologist
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Software Engineering Technologist
KPT/JPS ( R2/523/6/0024 ) 05/22
Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic) provides a pathway to postgraduate programmes including the Master of Science in Engineering.
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Duration of Study
4 years
Credit Hours