Master in Business Administration
About The Course
Master in Business Administration programme is designed to prepare students with skill set and expertise to become successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in today’s competitive markets. This programme aims to enhance students’ credentials and knowledge to perform effectively in a cutting edge business environment. The curriculum provides a comprehensive grounding in general management theory with a focus on strategy, decision-making, entrepreneurship and leadership.
Programme Structure Contents
Student Entry Requirement
  • Management Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Chief Operations Officer
KPT/JPS ( R/720/4/0065 ) 04/19
Lecture Delivery Modes Contents
Facilities Contents
Fees Contents
  • Accounting for Corporate Decisions & Evaluation
  • Economics for Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Law & Business Ethics
  • Financial Management
  • [You may choose one area of specialisation from Global Marketing, Project Management, Islamic Banking and Finance, or Finance.]
Master in Business Administration is an ideal pathway into business-related postgraduate programmes including the PhD in Management/Business and the PhD in Accounting/Finance, both offered by MSU's Graduate School of Management.
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Duration of Study
1 ½ - 5 years
Credit Hours