The International Centre for Halal Studies (ICHLAS)

About Us

The International Centre for Halal Studies (ICHLAS) is a Halal centre based in Management and & Science University (MSU). ICHLAS undertakes the promotion and development of matters relating to research, training and education dedicated to halal products and services especially in Halal Cosmeceutical and Pharmaceutical.

Adding credibility and recognition to its efforts, ICHLAS also establishes partnerships and consultative undertakings with several Halal related organisations based in Malaysia. Among these are the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), and other local Halal independent companies.

At the international level ICHLAS also associates itself with Josai University in Japan, Henan University in China, Burapha University in Thailand, the Indonesian Ministry of Health and Budi Andhika cosmetics industry in Indonesia.

ICHLAS is looking forward to be part of global Halal industry player who complement each other especially to fulfil the Malaysia Halal industry needs as a promising global Halal hub

Vision and Mission



  • ICHLAS aspires to be the leading global Halal training and research centre specializing in Halal Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical




  • To be a credible Halal training provider locally and abroad
  • To be a fully committed research centre in Halal Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical
  • To be a trusted referral centre for halal Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical

Our Team





Prof. Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr. Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid
Prof. Puan Sri Dato Dr. Junainah Abdul Hamid
Prof. Dr. Eddy Yusuf
Program Manager:
Nik Nur Shamiha Nik Dzulkefli
Permanent Members:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Jalil
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adam Amril Jaharadak 
Dr. Wan Mohd Nur Muzaaliff B Wan Musa
Dr. Zunirah Mohd Talib 
Wan Ezie Adila
Sarina Sariman 
Ustadz Wan Mohd Ashraf Adlin 
Ustadz Mohd Herzali 
Chef Rahman 
Najihah Binti Mohd Bisri
Associate members:
Prof. Dr. Kenji Sugibayashi (Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Todo (Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Ekarin Saifa (Thailand)
Hj. Mohammad Nordin (Malaysia)
Hardiyanti Ben (Malaysia)
Ustaz Elyas Harun (Malaysia)
Dr. Brian Teo Sheng Xian
Dr. Wan Nur Muzaaliff 
Dr. Mohammed Hazim Alkawaz
Dr. Mohammad Alshekhly 
Dr. Zunirah Mohd Talib 
Dr. Alaa 
Halijah Hasan
Ibrahim Abdullah 
Nik Nur Shamiha Nik Dzulkefli
Nur Hafizah Binti Harun
Sarina Sariman 
Wan Ezie Adila Binti Wan Adnan

Our Services

Our training programmes cover all aspects of Halal industry. The programmes cater to all target audiences, particularly those who have desire to know what Halal is all about. 
Our training is conducted by trainers with over than ten years of experience in Halal industry and with extensive international training done in Japan, Korea, China and Australia. 
The training programmes are designed to assist participants to gain better understanding on Halal standards, legal requirements, and certification process as well as in managing business through Islamic perspective using the methods or tools introduced in the course. 

Training programmes including: 



    1. Halal Awareness Program
      A must attend program for every personnel in the Halal industry who aims to provide halal and thoyibban (permissible and wholesome) awareness that relates to Syariah law. This program will broaden participants’ knowledge in market overview and best practices in cosmetics and pharmaceutical adopted by emerging industry and practice. Apart from that, this program is including Halal certification process in Malaysia according to the Malaysia’s standard.

      At the end of the course, the participants will understand Halal terminologies and the importance of Halal product and services.

      Target Participants:
      Public, Private Agencies, NGOs, Consumer Organizations and Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics and Education Institutions.

      1 day
    2. Halal Practitioner Program 
      • Halal Certification 101
        A programme focusing on the requirement and implementation of Halal standard, the basic needs in Halal processing to fulfil the Halal safety control of every aspect of Halal industry especially cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

        1 day
      • Green Islamic Cleansing
        The module which include whole procedure of Islamic cleansing ritual which either samak or sertu prior to any occasions of contamination. This course will educate participants on standard procedure of samak or sertu in accordance to Islamic practices.

        2 days
      • Halal Internal Audit
        The module covers the overall Halal aspects to assist and equip participants with basic knowledge to practice and maintain the implementation of Halal and its requirements. The audit exercise is also in accordance to Halal certification process and Malaysia’s Halal standards.

        After completion of the course, participants’ will be able to enhance their Halal knowledge and competencies whereby they also are able to conduct internal Halal audit in their respective premises to obtain Halal certification from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) or other authorities in their respective countries and communities.

        Target Participants
        Public or Private Agencies, NGOs, Consumer Organizations and Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics and Education Institutions.

        2 days
      • Halal Professional Trainer / Halal Lead Auditor
        This course is developed basically for Halal premises to own a Halal auditor who will be able to conduct compliance audits in accordance with the Malaysia’s standards. This course includes Malaysia’s Halal standards, Halal audit process and procedures, preparation of Halal audit checklist, and components related to Halal production. Upon completion of this course, participants’ will be able to implement audit program and reports, whilst maintaining Halal monitoring in their premises.

        3 days

        Target Participants
        Halal Executives, Halal Committee Members, Quality Control/Assurance Personnel
    3. Halal Science Program
      • Halal Science Awareness
        This course covers Halal perspective in terms of safety and application in Halal laboratory according to Malaysia’s standards.

        2 days

        Target Participants
        Halal Executives, Halal Committee Members, Quality Control/Assurance Personnel, Laboratory / Technician Personnel
      • Halal Lab Training
        This is a course which introduces the application of instrumentation in Halal analysis; focusing more on porcine and its derivatives, protein, fatty acid and alcohol analysis in cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and other related products. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to identify suitable instrument for use in respective sample of analysis and be able to develop new methods of analysis.

        2 days

        Target Participants
        Quality Control/Assurance Personnel, Laboratory / Technician Personnel
      • Halal Lab Management
        A course which covers Halal lab assurance system and internal Halal lab audit which aims a better understanding for lab quality management personnel.

        2 days

        Target Participants
        Quality Control/Assurance Personnel, Laboratory Management Personnel



Halal Research 
ICHLAS have begun collaborations with various international universities including Josai University (JU), Japan, Burapha University in Thailand and Henan University in China. ICHLAS is the culmination of the positive growth of collaborative undertakings between MSU and JU. ICHLAS efforts involving students and staff mobility and activities involving common areas of research especially in Halal issues have seen a considerable progress in a relationship that was cemented seven years ago. Apart from that, ICHLAS was initiated research on Halal marine pharmaceuticals with Burapha University while in Halal Traditional Chinese Medicine field with Henan University. 
Halal education
MSU provides a course named Personal Enrichment Course (PEC) whereby PEC in Halal Industry is one of the subjects, which embedded halal awareness module in the syllabus throughout faculties. Through this module, MSU students are exposed to the Halal industry needs ranging from fundamental of Halal to the best practices in Halal industry. 
Halal Training
Halal Testing and Verification
ICHLAS offers analytical services for detection of non-halal content (porcine) and alcohol content analysis in food, feed, herbs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices for halal product testing.
Teamed by experienced and highly competent Halal specialists, researchers and quality management manager to provide Halal testing and consultation services to customers at highest level of integrity
  1. Porcine detection via DNA Analysis (PCR and Real-time PCR)
  2. Porcine detection via immunoassay analysis (Elisa)
  3. Porcine screening via Porcine Trace Rapid Test Kit (Strip Test)
  4. Alcohol detection (Headspace-GC-FID/MS)
Smart Partners

  • JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia)
  • HDC (Halal Industry Development Corporation)
  • MSU Medical Centre
  • MSU Kitchen
  • Josai University, Japan

  • Burapha University, Thailand

  • Henan University, China

  • Ministry of Health RI, Indonesia

  • Budi Andhika Spa Centre, Indonesia
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