Jumpstart program to spur new start-up

MSU established the Jumpstart program to encourage the development of start-ups among the student entrepreneurs. Students are invited to join the Jumpstart program right from their first semester at MSU. In addition, the program is also open to all MSU Alumni. It is mandatory that all members must have a registered company to enable them to join the program. Jumpstart members are coached and guided by experience mentors under the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Advancement Institute (LEAD). These Jumpstart members receive comprehensive and systematic training on various aspects of entrepreneurship right from ideation to growth stage of their ventures. Modules offered included in the program include- Business set-up module, Business Canvas, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Roles & Responsibilities of Board of Directors, Goods & Services Tax (GST)and Corporate & Personal Tax Management.

Launching of 1st Cohort of JumpStart Program

Launching of 1st Cohort of JumpStart Program

Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Programs and Competitions

MSU provides a conducive environment in entrepreneurship development by actively supporting its students in competitions, masterclass, industry conference and educational visits. Competition (internal and external) to instil creativity, determination and competitiveness which are among the key competencies of entrepreneurs. These include participation in competitions organised by the various ministries and government agencies such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Higher Education, Khazanah Nasioanal and TERAJU in the development of young entrepreneurs.

University Entrepreneurship Masterclass organised by Ministry of Finance

Winner of Top 10 TERAJU SUPERB Higher Education League – Dr Solehin

PNS Varsity Entrepreneurship Skill & Talent Competition

In addition, MSU collaborates closely with industries such as Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers in the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship among JumpStart mebers

Industry Talk by Entrepreneurs and Specialists

Philippe Espinasse – Hong Kong IPO Specialist, Investment Banker and Jason Lo – CEO Tune Talk

Ministry of Education Innovation Award