Leadership & Entrepreneurship Advancement Institute


The prime objective of LEAD Institute is to lead, facilitate, promote and sustain the culture of entrepreneurship within MSU and the community that it supports locally and regionally through an integrated entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Governing Structure

To ensure that the programs are implemented in a structured manner, LEAD Institute shall have a governing structure that shall be responsible for:
  1. daily management, operations and budgets of the Institute
  2. promotion of entrepreneurship programs and activities within MSU and with external communities
  3. validation of projects or ideas that are submitted for funding
  4. recommendation for funding to the Investment Committee for eligible projects
  5. advisory and support systems from idea generation stage to spin-off of the business
  6. building community of entrepreneurs
  7. knowledge management and knowledge sharing
Investment Committee 

The Investment Committee which comprised of six (6) senior management team members appointed by MSU. They are:
  1. Chairman : President MSU
  2. Members :
i. Y.Bhg Prof. Puan Sri Datuk Dr. Junainah Abd Hamid, 
Vice Chancellor MSU
ii. Y.Bhg Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok Teng Toong
Founder & Managing Director, Nelson’s Franchise (M) Sdn Bhd
iii. Y.Bhg Dato’ Teo Shiok Fu
Executive Director, Tobe Property Sdn Bhd
iv. Y.Bhg En Ferdaus Toh Abdullah
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Affin Islamic Bank Berhad
v. Y.Bhg Tn Hj Abd Rani Lebai Jaafar
Chairman, Zikay Factoring Sdn Bhd
vi. Dato’ Nasharuddin Shukor
Vice President, Business & Entrepreneurial Development MSU
vii. Prof. Dr Abdol Ali Khatibi
Vice President, Cluster of Business & Social Science MSU
viii. Dr. Abdul Jalil Ghazali
Vice President, Industry Linkages MSU
ix. Dato Rosli Yusof (Ex-Officio)
Vice President, International & Corporate Communication MSU
x. Associate Professor Dr Syed Helmy Syed Abu Bakar (Ex-Officio)
Director Student Career Development MSU
The members shall be responsible for:
  1. Validating and approving projects or venture that has been proposed and justified to the Committee.
  2. Monitoring progress and achievements of Key Performance Indicators of all ventures funded via LEAD Institute.
  3. Reporting to Stakeholders on progress and issues on all ventures.
  4. Management of Investment Fund.

Integrated Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

To enable and sustain the culture of entrepreneurship, an integrated entrepreneurship ecosystem shall be established: 
Selection Process for Funding

To be eligible for funding, aspiring entrepreneurs shall go through a three steps selection process as follows:
  1. Ideas and Concept Proposal Submission Stage.
  2. Presentation and Justification Stage to Investment Committee.
  3. Incubation Stage.
  4. Commercialization Stage.

Upon successful launching of products or services, LEAD Institute shall arrange an Investor Networking Day where the entrepreneurs showcase their products and services to Potential Investors for business expansion.
Selection Process and Criteria for Funding

To be eligible for funding, all proposals must submit through LEAD Institute and approved by the Working Committee for consideration. 

All submission must meet the following criteria: 
  1. Proposal has good business prospects and commercially viable.
  2. Proposal has been approved by Working Committee to participate in the incubator program and/or commercialization program.
  3. Funding is made available to MSU students and Alumni unless approved by Management.
  4. Project candidate is committed to work on the project on full time basis – from proposal stage to commercialization.


LEAD Institute Entrepreneur Membership (LEADER) shall be established to encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to operate within a supportive entrepreneur community.
A LEADER membership card shall be issued to all members and shall be entitled to the benefits associated with the membership. 

The membership shall be divided into the following categories:
  1. Student Member (Current MSU students with or without business venture)
  2. Associate Member (Alumni with ongoing business venture)

Entrepreneurship Awards

To encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to give their best efforts in realising their ideas, the Institute shall select eligible candidates to receive one of the following awards: 
  1. President Gold Award
  2. Entrepreneur of the Year (Local venture)
  3. Entrepreneur of the Year (International venture)
  4. Lifetime Achievement Award
  5. Innovative Ideas Awards
  6. Best Business Plan Award
The criteria for each award and the terms and conditions of selection shall be determined by the Award Committee. The criteria may be changed as and when it deems fits. 
Terms and Conditions of Funding

Where deem fit, a new commercial entity – (New Co) shall be established to facilitate the management of funding of the ventures. New Co shall hold equity in the venture based on a shareholding percentage that shall be agreed by both parties. 

The JV agreement shall outline in detail the terms and conditions of the venture, which among others include:
  1. Service Operations and Management.
  2. Shareholders Agreement – paid-up capital, liquidation, first right of refusal, shareholding transfers, etc. 
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