• Internet services and facilities should be used by MSU students and staffs only.
  • User must give ID card and fill up the details in log book before used the PC.
  • Users can only use the assigned computer.
  • Users are reminded to visit websites responsibly. Users are not allowed to browse pornographic or sensitive website or use of messenger service or chatting.
  • Only a person allowed at a PC at one time and the limitation of access is 2 hours.
  • Library users are not allowed to set detach / change computer peripherals, setting passwords, change computer settings, remove files, install software, play computer games, and save on to the hard disk.
  • The library is not responsible for the security of the exchange of information or transactions performed on the Internet.
  • Any damaged must be reported immediately to library staff.
  • All the Library General Rules and Regulations are also applied here.