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Charity Virtual Race

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. While the global pandemic is still far from over, MSU College Penang have done a series of activities to start their long journey back to normalcy. Keeping in touch with students and staff, MSU College Penang have successfully organized and completed their Charity Virtual Race 2021.

A total of 130 MSU College Penang students, staff as well as alumni participated in the virtual race. Each participant received a reusable mask and a goodie

Daniel, a participant commented:

‘We were all cooped up in our houses or hostels with very little or few fun activities to do. It’s rather boring and when I saw this activity posted on social media, I joined immediately as I was worried the slots will all be taken up in a short time. I have never walked physically or even virtually for more than 1 km and for this event, its 3km! When I managed to run past the 1st km, I really didn’t think I’d make it as I have not exercise for nearly 2 years already! The feeling of me grasping for air, my labouring lungs and my burning legs was all a new sensation to me. But I must make the run, I wanted to do my best. With a positive mentality and to try something new, I managed to complete a total 5.3 km, more than the minimum distance of 3km. I really felt like I was going to die out of the sear exhaustion. Previously, I thought virtual fun are playing online games only; but this virtual run is something fresh for me. I am hooked to virtual run’.

More activities to come as we look forward towards the reopening of our campus. Stay tuned!