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Love for Rohingya

Community engagement programmes have always been one of our priorities, as reflected in MSU’s Giving and Grateful (2G) culture. The MSU Cares Club of MSU College Sg Petani have collaborated with the Rohingya Community Centre (RCC) recently to host a community engagement activity together.

The activities include televised Ping-Pong matches and colouring contests, to keep things exciting for the students throughout the day. The participation of 45 students and 20 facilitators from the MSU Cares group ensured that this session was a resounding success for everyone involved.

Additionally, as part of the contribution, writing materials and school clothes were provided to pupils at the Rohingya Community Center (RCC). According to the Head of Program, Hashibah Binti Adanan (Diploma in Management), such programmes have elevated people in a variety of ways, including aiding the less fortunate.